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COVID-19 UPDATE - We're still fully functional and shipping orders. Shipping in some parts of the USA could be delayed, due to state mandated shelter in place orders.

Benefits of Having a Dedicated Work Space

Having the possibility to have a home office certainly comes with many advantages, including saving time and money for daily transport. Furthermore, you’ll have total freedom of clothing, time management, and working space.

Sometimes, however, it is precisely the absence of people with whom to share the office, which leads to less attention being paid to its correct planning. Who hasn’t been in some home offices, even of first-rate professionals, where chaos reigned supreme?

Minimal scandinavian home office

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to technologies that allow you to perform multiple jobs remotely. However, to be able to do it better, it is not enough just to have a laptop. You have to create your own space, have a dedicated room, or a separate area in which to find calm, serenity, and inspiration.

Whether you are creating a study corner in the living room or furnishing a home office, the elements you need are always the same. If you have room to be used entirely as an office, but it is small, or if you will be using only part of a room, you must be very careful when choosing the furniture to buy. Think first about your must-haves and only after worrying about gadgets and decorative pieces.

Here are the best advantages of having a home office

  1. Savings

Working from home allows us to save money on travel-related costs. You will no longer need to take your car, trains or busses, and you will save tons of money on fuel, tickets, and more.  

Moreover, you could eliminate costs related to your professional wardrobe or costs related to babysitting and children's care. However, it is not advisable to associate your professional life with your private life. Both must be balanced when choosing to work from home.

  1. Flexible timetable

When deciding to work from your home office, it is important to come up with a work plan. Teleworkers can freely choose their working hours with extreme flexibility, and because you'll be working in your environment, you will feel much more comfortable, and therefore be more productive. The most important thing is to know how to manage working hours according to your pace.

Antique home office

  1. Fewer distractions

Working from home, colleagues' troubles, distractions, unnecessary interruptions, or unnecessary meetings won’t be a problem, as you’ll be alone in your environment.

  1. Proximity to the family

Working from home means being close to one's family. Many people want to be closer to their family members. Besides, parents feel the need to be with their children at home, so as to be available at any time. If you have young children, working from home can be important, so you will have the opportunity to take care of them without renouncing to your career.

  1. Reduced stress

Rush hour traffic is often the biggest cause of worker stress. Working from home, you’ll already be in your workplace. Employees are often stressed because of long distances from home as well as traffic congestion, therefore, they are already tired before starting the day. Colleagues, or the monotonous work environment in some businesses, can also cause stress.

  1. Productivity

Working from home, at your own pace, in your environment and away from stress, can make you much more productive. You will be happier to achieve results, and consequently, thanks to your higher productivity, your employer will be grateful and satisfied.

organized home office with window

  1. Better health condition

In large cities, it can often take as much as two hours to get from home to work. As a result, many do not have enough time nor energy to attend gym classes or to take part in sports activities, while others abandon because of too much effort and fatigue. Working from home means that the time wasted on the journey to and from work is eliminated, and you’ll have time to do sports, thus increasing your physical health. 

  1. Environmental advantages

The environmental benefits of working from home are different. In addition to eliminating the energy cost of fuel, it allows a reduction in space and "office consumption" (such as heating, lighting, air conditioning), which often occur even when the premises are empty or semi-empty.

  1. A better relationship between working life and private life

Most workers desire to find a balance between their professional and private lives. This balance is better preserved when working from home because having the ability to manage their time without incurring a long journey is the greatest satisfaction of home workers. Thanks to the flexibility of working from home, there is a better balance between work and life.

  1. Reduction of operating costs

Having their employees work from home, allows companies to minimize lodging and travel expenses. With the productivity offered by working at home, the company will be more competitive.

Many people are convinced that if work is carried out remotely, a tabletop and a laptop will be more than enough to work properly. However, being able to concentrate on the kitchen table while the children play and someone else prepares dinner is almost impossible. You need a home office.

Scandinavian minimal home office with big window

Besides, having a space to devote to work also helps you in time management exercises because it allows you to move away from distractions and focus on your current task.

Having an efficient home office is an investment that pays off over time. Turn your office into a second home and transform it from a purely functional and simply practical environment into a pleasant space where you will want to spend time. You will soon enjoy the benefits of this change: an increase in productivity, greater job satisfaction, and a renewed general well-being.

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