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COVID-19 UPDATE - We're still fully functional and shipping orders. Shipping in some parts of the USA could be delayed, due to state mandated shelter in place orders.
COVID-19 UPDATE - We're still fully functional and shipping orders. Shipping in some parts of the USA could be delayed, due to state mandated shelter in place orders.
How to design your home office to increase productivity

How to design your home office to increase productivity

Working at home is a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, we have the convenience of being in our own space – and that is for many much more convenient than going to the office every day. On the other hand, being in a peaceful environment where we feel particularly comfortable can become the greatest enemy of our productivity.Productivity home office

Here are some tips that will help you avoid procrastinating, improve productivity, and work in a positive environment that puts you in a good mood.

1) Don't mix work with your private life

Some precautions can be taken to avoid this problem as much as possible, such as avoiding distractions near our PC station, where we essentially work. You should avoid having the TV on all the time, as well as games, smartphones and other forms of distractions that we usually use and see at home.

The secret is to have a desk, if not the whole room, free of anything that leads to you getting distracted, and it can be a deadly psychological weapon to divide work from family life, even if they coexist in the same environment.

2) A good armchair is fundamental

If you didn’t already, you will soon learn that a good armchair will have major consequences on your health and your ability to focus. You need something that will give you enough comfort to concentrate and stay at the PC for more than 20 minutes in a row.

productive home office

People often suffer from back pain, and avoiding this from happening must be in your top priority when working from home or in any case if you work on your PC for several hours a day.

3) Don't underestimate the importance of light

Have you ever thought that light can improve productivity? Working in a fairly bright place is essential to work better and not to tire your eyes.

Having a window near your desk is certainly a great way to solve the problem but it is not definitive. Make sure to work in an illuminated place even at night or during winters, which will provide less sunlight.

Be careful not to cause the opposite effect. Too much light can also damage the workplace and create concentration problems.

4) Take care of the technological equipment

If you work from home, you probably have a computer or a tablet, and your technological equipment is extremely important for your concentration and productivity.

Technology doesn't have to be your enemy. If you often have technical problems with your PC, with the internet or with some software, it would be better to solve it definitively, even if it means calling an expensive technician.

gadget for home office

Besides, if you have a PC or old gadgets that require you to spend more time on certain tasks, consider whether investing in new equipment can bring you certain benefits.

5) Accessories are no longer accessories

A gadget becomes essential to be more productive and work better even if it means only slightly improving your equipment: that little improvement will make you feel good and keep your morale high even in difficult moments.

Look at your office or in particular your desk, try to guess the gadgets you would need and plan investment in favor of these elements, you will see that your work and your productivity will rise to the next level.

6) Be tidy

This is a sensitive issue for many. You probably work amid documents, notes, cables that go in and out of no one knows where. A tidy desk, and of course a clean and organized office, is very important to stay focused on your goals and work better. Furthermore, working in a clean place also helps you find the right ideas.

7) Expand if you can!

If your business starts to grow, consider growing with it and expanding your workplace. Be it a physical or virtual space, make sure you have all the space you need. Working in a spacious place works wonders and you cannot imagine how much this can affect your productivity.

home office design

And as for the virtual, the same concept applies. The more space you have, the less you will have the impression that you have lost something important. If you do not want too many external hard drives around, consider buying cloud storage, such as DropBox, and you will see that not only will you feel safer and less worried during a stressful situation, but you will also be able to better organize the space on your PC, speeding it up.

8) Build a pleasant and personal environment

Employees know how useful this can be. Having a desk without giving it that personal touch, that simple personalization that can make us feel at ease and comfortable.

Working in a "sterile" environment that has no color and personality is not great. Give it a touch of style: that style you like or have always dreamed of having in your house could be the weapon of your productivity.

Keep in mind to repaint the room, to apply decorations, to place delicious objects, paintings, or even new furniture! Ask yourself what are the elements that could inspire you and give a touch of freshness to your workplace, you will see that it will give you a good mood every day.

Also, take a tour of Pinterest to find photographs of state-of-the-art offices, where creativity has no limits. You don't need to reinvent the wheel, take a look at the pictures available and you will certainly find some environments in which you would be more than happy to work.



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